Tobacco marketing plain packaging

What is Plain Packaging of Tobacco? Examples of Gauloises cigarette packets in France, before and after plain packaging. Plain packaging of tobacco is a common sense policy that removes the promotional, marketing and advertising features on packs of tobacco, but leaves the health warnings, tax stamps and other features required by government. Most governments have increased the size of the health warnings at the same time as introducing plain packaging.

Tobacco marketing plain packaging

How tobacco firms flout UK law on plain packaging | Society | The Guardian

Tobacco plain packaging catching on worldwide: Society report 10 November Toronto - The trend to reduce smoking and cancer rates by forcing tobacco companies to use plain packaging is gaining momentum across the globe, concludes an international report released today by the Canadian Cancer Society.

The report shows that 4 countries have plain packaging laws in place and 14 others are working on it. Plain packaging requirements prevent tobacco companies from using colours, logos and design elements to market their cancer-causing products. The shape of the package must be in a standardized format, outlawing sales tactics such as slim packs appealing to girls and young women.

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Health warnings still appear on plain packages. Tobacco kills 37, Canadians every year. Tobacco packaging is one of the last and most effective ways for companies to promote their products, with eye-catching logos and colours designed to appeal to consumers.


Plain packaging reduces tobacco use by eliminating promotion on packaging, reducing product appeal, curbing package deception, and increasing the impact of health warnings.

Research shows that plain packaging works.

Tobacco marketing plain packaging

The federal government is now reviewing the responses and developing regulations. International Status Report — ranks countries and territories based on the size of their health warnings on cigarette packages and lists countries that have finalized requirements for picture warnings.

Department of Health | Introduction of tobacco plain packaging in Australia

The United States is in last place with minimal requirements for health warnings on either the front or back of the package. The Canadian Cancer Society is calling for plain packaging to be implemented in Canada as part of a strengthened Federal Tobacco Control Strategy, which should also include increased funding to support additional programming and policy measures.

The existing Tobacco Act is 2 decades old and must be modernized. Other report highlights include: The top countries ranked in terms of warning size as an average of the front and back of the package are:as a critical form of product marketing.

• Standardized or “plain” packaging reduces the attractiveness and appeal of tobacco products, and increases the noticeability and Standardized or Plain Tobacco Packaging Scientific Evidence packs that were clearly visible on tables.

A small number of. Such innovative anti-marketing efforts include requiring plain, standardized packaging of their products, and eventually plain, standardized products. Bad Practice Allowing for e-cigarettes ads that surreptitiously promote smoking in channels that are closed off to tobacco products.

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Plain packaging is a key part of Australia’s comprehensive package of tobacco control measures, which include: updated and expanded health warnings under the Competition and Consumer (Tobacco) Information Standard (Standard), which commenced on 1 January and took full effect from 1 December The Standard requires health warnings to cover at least 75 per cent of the front of.

An insider in the tobacco industry has revealed some of the unscrupulous tactics it is using to avoid new restrictions governing the marketing of cigarettes that come into force next month.

British American Tobacco’s statement on the English Court of Appeal's plain packaging decision UK Government plain packaging consultation The UK Government held a second consultation on the plain packaging of tobacco products in July/August Plain cigarette packets are being introduced in line with the Tobacco Products Directive of the EU, which comes into force on Friday.

Photograph: AAP Plain packaging of cigarettes will be.

Tobacco marketing plain packaging
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