Strategic alignment worksheet human resources

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Strategic alignment worksheet human resources

Business Transformation Readiness Assessment Chapter Contents This chapter describes a technique known as Business Transformation Readiness Assessment, used for evaluating and quantifying an organization's readiness to undergo change. There are many dimensions to change, but by far the most important is the human element.

For example, if the enterprise envisages a consolidation of information holdings and a move to a new paradigm such as service orientation for integrated service delivery, then the human resource implications are major. Potentially coupled with a change-averse culture and a narrowly skilled workforce, the most sound and innovative architecture could go nowhere.

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Understanding the readiness of the organization to accept change, identifying the issues, and then dealing with them in the Implementation and Migration Plans is key to successful architecture transformation in Phases E and F.

Strategic alignment worksheet human resources will be a joint effort between corporate especially human resources staff, lines of business, and IT planners.

Strategic alignment worksheet human resources

The recommended activities in an assessment of an organization's readiness to address business transformation are: Determine the readiness factors that will impact the organization Present the readiness factors using maturity models Assess the readiness factors, including determination of readiness factor ratings Assess the risks for each readiness factor and identify improvement actions to mitigate the risk Work these actions into Phase E and F Implementation and Migration Plan The BTEP recommends that all projects conduct a transformation readiness assessment to at least uncover the business transformation issues.

The outcome is a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities that could be presented in the course of the endeavor. Many of the challenges translate directly into risks that have to be addressed, monitored, and, if possible, mitigated. Readers should keep in mind that most organizations will have their own unique set of factors and criteria, but most are similar.

This can be best achieved through the conduct of a facilitated workshop with individuals from different parts of the organization. It is important that all perspectives are sought as the issues will be varied.

In this workshop it is very useful to start off with a tentative list of factors that participants can re-use, reject, augment, or replace. An example set of factors drawn from the BTEP follows: Vision is the ability to clearly define and communicate what is to be achieved. This is where management is able to clearly define the objectives, in both strategic and specific terms.

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Leadership in defining vision and needs comes from the business side with IT input. Predictable and proven processes exist for moving from vision to statement of requirements.

The primary drivers for the initiative are clear. The scope and approach of the transformation initiative have been clearly defined throughout the organization.

Desire, Willingness, and Resolve is the presence of a desire to achieve the results, willingness to accept the impact of doing the work, and the resolve to follow through and complete the endeavor. There is active discussion regarding the impact that executing the project may have on the organization, with clear indication of the intent to accept the impacts.

Organizationally there is a history of finishing what is started and of coming to closure on issues in the timeframes needed and there is agreement throughout the organization that the transformation initiative is the "right" thing to do.Dec 22,  · Organizations must activate structured top-down initiatives to detail the brand promise across every touchpoint and front-line behavior, with the final goal to create a deep and durable alignment with the human side of their customers – moving from ‘customer experience’ to ‘human .

The Hofstede Insights website offers tools, consulting and training services based on Hofstede’s work in the field of business strategy, culture and change. Key among these are the Country Dimensions which enable students to learn about and compare/contrast countries using the 6-D model of national culture.

Strategic Alignment Worksheet: Human Resources NAME: Karolina Siodalska Overview Use this Strategic Alignment Worksheet (SAW) to help you complete the sections listed below.

Strategic alignment worksheet human resources

As you progress through the course, you will be instructed to complete and submit section(s) of the SAW. Human Resource Planning - making sure an organization has the optimal amount of human resources available for organizational tasks 2. What process links HRP with strategy? Human Capital Concept Worksheet Charles W.

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