Snowmen at work writing activity for preschool

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Snowmen at work writing activity for preschool

Students trace and cut out a bear head. Then they write one fact about bears on the lined paper and glue it to the bear. Beginning and Ending Sound work mats Math: Animal Tracks Matching --Print both pages and cut the cards apart. Students will sequence the events from the story. Winter Scarves--Provide a sheet of paper approx.

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Draw horizontal lines on the paper for writing. Hole punch three holes along each side and tie pieces of yarn. Students write winter sentences on the paper.

Symmetrical Mittens--Have students decorate the mittens with a variety of craft materials Mitten Match--I provide two versions of this for students at different levels.

Preschool and Kindergarten Winter Activities

For both, you will need a length of string to tie to table legs to create a clothesline. Students match the uppercase letters on the clothespins to the lowercase letters on the mittens and hang on the clothesline in ABC order.

Students match the CVC words on the clothespins to pictures on the mittens and hang on the clothesline. Prepare 12x18 sheets of black or blue paper by drawing 4 columns on each.

snowmen at work writing activity for preschool

Write a simple addition problem at the top of each column or print and stick on labels. Provide students with pieces of sponge use clothespins to hold the sponges to keep hands cleaner. Students "draw to solve" by stamping snowflakes with the sponges to find the answers.

Mitten Match file folder game from Preschool Printables print one set of colored mittens and one set of black and white mittens with the color words to make a color word game.

Mitten Pattern Book --This booklet will print 2 per page. Students color the mittens in the given pattern and then complete the sentences describing their patterns. Students will fill in the missing vocabulary word to complete the sentence on each slide of the PowerPoint presentation.

Marshmallow Snowmen --Precut a large marshmallow into 3 sections for each child. Children glue the pieces to black paper to form a snowman. They can add details like hats cut from paper, mini craft stick arms, and cotton for snow Writing: Place one sheet of lined paper under each clothing sheet and staple both to a 12x18 sheet so that an entire picture is visible.

Cut along the lines so that each piece of clothing is separate. Children lift the flaps and write about their own winter clothing and color the pictures to match.Read Snowmen at Night, do a fun art project, and let them create a story answering that very question.

| After reading Snowmen at Night, your students will love creating their very own Snowmen at Night art project and using this fun writing prompt printable to tell a story! Preschool Science Activities and Printables;. Great book for preschoolers, I was a little over eager reading it with my daughter but it’s so good I couldn’t wait to.

Filed Under: Age Preschool, Age: Toddlers, Crafts, Snowman, Winter, Winter Crafts | 13 Comments. 5 Little Snowmen Free Printable Puppets and Song -Cute idea for winter speech therapy! Find this Pin and more on Winter Theme ~ Snowmen by {1plus1plus1} Carisa.

Winter Snowman Fingerplay Christmas may be over but these 5 Little Snowmen are still perfect for winter. Work Tasks: 1: New Years. Writing: Snowmen Buttons--Students read the numbers/number words on the snowmen's hats and place the correct number of buttons on each. *This is a good activity to have volunteers prep--a bit of work but it makes a nice hall display*.

"journal writing for pre-writers: Journal Writing - for pre-writers Writing a journal is a great pre writing activity that promotes creativity, literacy skills and self expression. Rebekah Patel shares how to do it even if your child can't write yet.". This Snowmen at Night Companion Pack has everything you need to help your little ones retell the story, answer questions about the story, and work on language .

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