Service to man is service to god

A human being, those give the service to man, so it is service to God. God creates and sustains us for do the service to man. Everyone should not only do the worship of God but also do the excellent service for all.

Service to man is service to god

While policing is a demanding job that is often thankless, Naidoo endeavoured to excel at it. Now he is one of the most highly regarded policemen on the force. Naidoo, 50, grew up in Mariannhill, near Pinetown.

Service to man is service to god.

He is the youngest of four children born to China Ramsami now deceased and Narainamma Naidoo, His humble beginnings shaped his character and, with all his achievements and successes, Naidoo remains humble and approachable. His younger years were spent at Mariannhill Primary School, where he completed Grade 7, then went on to Pinetown Secondary to do 8 and 9.

He obtained his national diploma in police administration in through Technikon SA. Naidoo, who now lives in Centurion, Pretoria, said his passion for policing started when he was young. I began to embrace being a police officer as a vocation rather than just a job.

I was not driven by promotions or reward. I can hardly believe I am a brigadier now. In Januaryhe returned to the Pinetown district headquarters where he worked untilwhen he was promoted to sergeant.

There I rose up the ranks to superintendent. InI was promoted to senior superintendent the equivalent of colonel in the office of then national commissioner Jackie Selebi. In JuneI was promoted to brigadier.

Some incidents he would not revisit as they might reopen old wounds for the families affected. His work took him to dangerous and volatile areas such as Richmond at the height of its violence.

He worked hour night shifts for three months without a day off. Cases that stood out for him included the Shezi family massacre in Richmond and the Shobashobane massacre on the South Coast in the s.

For example, we have members working in the community service centre of a station which handles routine patrols and attends to complaints. The approach is more focused and strategic than it used to be. It simply seemed more prevalent now because the culprits were being identified, exposed and dealt with decisively.

He and his wife, Thresa Christina, have two children, Yesigan and Sianca. Naidoo said Yesigan was married and he and his wife, Sitha, have two children, Ezra Jeremiah, 2, and Seth Israel, eight months. I thank both my son and daughter-in-law all the time for bringing Ezra and Seth into our lives.

The things he says are almost always amusing and amazing. Gym, squash and golf are his other pursuits.

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He said although his parents lived a modest life, they had stressed the importance of a good education. He and his siblings had done well in their careers and he had ensured the same for his children, who are both accountants.

I tell them to respect everyone, especially their parents and teachers. He said people had many impressions of him, but he hoped those he met saw him as a humble, approachable family man who had always been and would remain hard-working.Service to Man is Service to God Charles Eliot Norton, an American educator and humanitarian said, ” They serve God well who serve His creatures”.The noblest and the best of God’s creations is,indeed, man.

“I believe that service to man is service to God and I try to help whoever I can, whenever I can. I began to embrace being a police officer as a vocation rather than just a job. Speech on Service to Man is Service to God Posted by Kimberly Austin on December 27 To write a speech on service to man is a service to God you should reflect on the necessity of helping others as the most rewarding action to be completed.

“Service to Mankind is service to God” is the proverb highly prevalent all over the world. Humanitarianism is considered as service to human beings. The very term human denotes a charitable person. YACHULI: Representative of 16th Yachuli Assembly constituency Likha Saya attending the Rubdi Panchayat development meeting on Friday quoted that ‘Service to man is service to god’, and ‘the same is my ideology to serve the people of my constituency by any means’.

To provide demand driven computer education and allied services as a service to the society.

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Child Development Project. A Project for the Holistic Development of Poor Children. Relief Work. “Misery is truly a gift of God.

Service to man is service to god

I believe it is a symbol of His compassion.”.

Service to man is service to god | A Short Paragraph Essay for Children and Students