Role of sports and education in national integrity

National Integrity of Sport Unit Page last updated: The National Integrity of Sport Unit defines sports integrity as: The manifestation of the ethics and values which promote community confidence in sports, including: What is doping in sport Doping:

Role of sports and education in national integrity

International options Foreword This National Policy on Match-Fixing in Sport represents a commitment by the Commonwealth and state and territory governments to work together to address the issue of inappropriate and fraudulent sports betting and match-fixing activities with the aim of protecting the integrity of sport.

This Policy provides the platform for collaboration, and will be underpinned by legislation, regulation, codes of conduct and industry standards.

It is recognised that Australia will best deal with the threat of match-fixing only if there is co-operation and goodwill between governments, sports organisations and the betting industry.

We, the Sports Ministers of Australia, acknowledge the support of our partners in sport and industry. Together we will implement this Policy which will deter match-fixing, and deal with it should it arise, and in doing so we will preserve the integrity of one of Australia's greatest assets-our national sporting heritage.

The Parties have confirmed their commitment on 10 June Match-fixing and the corruption that flows from it, is not limited to professional or high profile sporting codes.

Match-fixing has occurred in smaller sports, in lower grade team competitions and in individual events. Sports betting agencies provide opportunity for high sums to be gambled on sporting events with the prospect of very high returns.

These potentially high returns can provide strong incentives to influence results of sporting fixtures. Fraudulent betting on sport and the associated match-fixing is an emerging and critical issue globally, for sport, the betting industry and governments alike. It has the potential to undermine public confidence in the integrity of sport, sporting events and the products offered by betting agencies.

Role of sports and education in national integrity

Left unchecked, this corruption will devalue the integrity of sport and diminish the acceptability and effectiveness of sport as a tool to develop and support many aspects of our society.

This is threatening the credibility of sports around the world. Australia is actively working with other like-minded nations to ensure that international measures are developed and put in place that further safeguard Australian sport from international criminal activity.

The demonstration of a robust and comprehensive domestic policy will ensure our voice is heard on the international stage. It is the intention that governments will work collaboratively with Australian sporting organisations and the Australian betting industry in a manner consistent with the spirit and intentions of this Policy.

Top of page 2. Top of page 3. Role of government 3. Nationally applied legislation 3. Criminal offences to deter and deal with match-fixing 3. Governments note the approach to implementation of such provisions may vary in jurisdictions depending on existing legislative arrangements.

Arrangements between sports and betting agencies 3. The mechanism to achieve this will be discussed among governments and with sporting organisations and betting agencies and will be resolved in accordance with the arrangements outlined below in the section on implementation. National oversight and coordination function a National Integrity of Sport Unit 3.

The adoption of this approach will require co-operation and collaboration across Commonwealth agencies, state and territory governments, their gaming commissions, sporting organisations and betting agencies, to ensure the policy is consistently applied.

The specific arrangements will be finalised in accordance with the arrangements outlined below in the section on implementation. Funding agreements with sports 3.

Top of page 4.

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Role of the sporting organisations 4. Sporting organisations and Sport Controlling Bodies will be responsible for the application of appropriate responses to breaches of their code of conduct acknowledging that penalties should be broadly consistent across sporting codes and reflect the severity of the breach.

The general principles specified above have been drawn from these existing principles. Role of the betting agencies 5.

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Top of page 6. Implementation, policy oversight and governance 6. This working group will provide an implementation work plan to Sports Ministers within three months, which will include an assessment of the readiness of the sporting organisations and the betting industry to pursue the requirements under this Policy.

Top of page 7. These include considerations associated with cash betting limits, live on-line betting during an event, specialist investigative law enforcement officers or units and advertising of betting products, noting the Australian Government's recent announcement to work with the sporting and betting industries to reduce and control the promotion of live odds during sports coverage through amendments to their existing industry codes.Dr David Bolzonello.

MBBS, FACSP. Dr Bolzonello is a Sport & Exercise Medicine Physician who gained specialist recognition in November He has been part of the Alphington Sports Medicine team since , becoming a director in , and boasts 30 years clinical experience.

Jul 23,  · Sports can be a great means of national integration,” Modi said after interacting with kids from around the country via video-conferencing. “From sports, we learn sportsman spirit and that acts as a lubricant in our social life.

More than winning, sports helps you learn to deal with defeats. integrity as well as promote a healthy PTI. Course ID Course Title Delivery Type Provider Hours Disciplines Primary Core Capabilities Focus Area Mission Areas Catalog Code Description Custom Catalog. What Role Does Ethics Play in Sports?

To understand the role ethics plays in sport and competition, it is important to make a distinction between gamesmanship and sportsmanship. Ethics in sport requires four key virtues: fairness, integrity, responsibility, and respect.

Role of sports and education in national integrity

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