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My Identity Gonkar Gyatso Tibet Photography A leading figure in contemporary Tibetan art, since the beginning of his career Gonkar Gyatso has attempted to unify divergent abstract and hyperrealist representational systems used as politicised tools to promote religious belief or totalitarian party lines.

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These led him to question the truthfulness of the history he was taught as the son of governmental officers and, in this process, he became increasingly acquainted with Tibetan Buddhism.

He later went on a self-imposed refugee in Dharamsala, the Indian city hosting the Tibetan government in exile, and finally emigrated to London. In each photo, Gyatso is seated before a canvas looking out at the viewer, but each time the context is radically different.

My identity

The first image depicts Gyatso dressed in a traditional Tibetan robe drawing a devotional Buddha figure; in the second he is a Communist Chinese painter rendering an image of Mao Tse-Tung; in the third he is a contemporary refugee artist painting the Potala Palace, chief residence of the Dalai Lama before he fled to Dharamsala; the fourth shows the contemporary Gyatso sitting in a modern flat in the act of creating an abstract image.Our Self Identity Our identity changes often over the years from childhood through the teenage years, then we identify with our career orientation, then we go into relationships, maybe parenthood, then on through those busy years toward midlife and then the empty nest, forward to our senior years.

Identity theft happens in America at the rate of 19 people affected per minute — and million per year. Javelin Research and Strategy’s Identity Theft Report estimated that about 30% of all identity thieves are family members. Mar 21,  · What is identity theft? Identity (ID) theft is “a fraud that is committed or attempted, using a person’s identifying information without authority.” ID theft may involve stealing someone’s Social Security number (SSN), name, bank account, or credit card .

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My identity

My world was multicultural—from the intimacy of my home, shared with my Iraqi-Indian Jewish father and Russian-American Jewish mother, to our circles of friends, to my schools.

My Jewishness factored significantly into my struggle with claiming American identity.

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