Light in august

In remembrance of him and in gratitude his works making me a man better capable of understanding others, I repost this review of my Favorite novel by William Faulkner, Light in August. My Mother died following a lengthy and grueling illness. I had been her caregiver as I had promised her I would.

Light in august

Plot[ edit ] Photograph of a real planing mill in the s, similar to the one depicted in the novel. The novel is set in the American South in the s, during the time of Prohibition and Jim Crow laws that legalized racial segregation in the South. It begins with the journey of Lena Grove, a young pregnant white woman from Doane's Mill, Alabama, who is trying to find Lucas Burch, the father of her unborn child.

He has been fired from his job at Doane's Mill and moved to Mississippi, promising to send word to her when he has a new job. Not hearing from Burch and harassed by her older brother for her illegitimate pregnancy, Lena walks and hitchhikes to Jefferson, Mississippi, a town in Faulkner's fictional Yoknapatawpha County.

There she expects to find Lucas working at another planing millready to marry her.

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Those who help her along her four-week trek are skeptical that Lucas Burch will be found, or that he will keep his promise when she catches Light in august with him.

When she arrives in Jefferson, Lucas is there, but he has changed his name to Joe Brown. Looking for Lucas, sweet, trusting Lena meets Light in august, mild-mannered Byron Bunch, who falls in love with Lena but feels honor-bound to help her find Joe Brown. Thoughtful and quietly religious, Byron is superior to Brown in every way but his shyness prevents him from revealing his feelings to Lena.

The surly, psychopathic Christmas has been on the run for years, ever since presumably killing his strict Methodist adopted father. Although he has light skin, Christmas suspects that he is of African American ancestry.

Consumed with rage, he is a bitter outcast who wanders between black and white society, constantly provoking fights with blacks and whites alike.

Christmas comes to Jefferson three years prior to the central events of the novel and gets a job at the mill where Byron, and later Joe Brown, works.

The job at the mill is a cover for Christmas's bootlegging operation, which is illegal under Prohibition. He has a sexual relationship with Joanna Burden, an older woman who descended from a formerly powerful abolitionist family whom the town despises as carpetbaggers.

Though their relationship is passionate at first, Joanna begins menopause and turns to religion, which frustrates and angers Christmas. At the end of her relationship with Christmas, Joanna tries to force him, at gunpoint, to kneel and pray. Joanna is murdered soon after: The novel leaves readers uncertain whether Joe Christmas or Joe Brown is the murderer.

Brown is Christmas' business partner in bootlegging and is leaving Joanna's burning house when a passing farmer stops to investigate and pull Joanna's body from the fire. The sheriff at first suspects Joe Brown, but initiates a manhunt for Christmas after Brown claims that Christmas is black.

Light in august

The manhunt is fruitless until Christmas arrives undisguised in Mottstown, a neighboring town; he is on his way back to Jefferson, no longer running. In Mottstown, he is arrested and jailed, then moved to Jefferson.

His grandparents arrive in town and visit Gail Hightower, the disgraced former minister of the town and friend of Byron Bunch. Bunch tries to convince Hightower to give the imprisoned Joe Christmas an alibi, but Hightower initially refuses.

Though his grandfather wants Christmas lynched, his grandmother visits him in the Jefferson jail and advises him to seek help from Hightower. As police escort him to the local court, Christmas breaks free and runs to Hightower's house.

A childishly cruel white vigilante, Percy Grimm, follows him there and, over Hightower's protest, shoots and castrates Christmas. Having redeemed himself at last, Hightower is then depicted as falling into a deathlike swoon, his whole life flashing before his eyes, including the past adventures of his Confederate grandfather, who was killed while stealing chickens from a farmer's shed.

Brown deserts Lena once again, but Byron follows him and challenges him to a fight. Brown beats the braver, smaller Bunch, then skilfully hops a moving train and disappears. At the end of the story, an anonymous man is talking to his wife about two strangers he picked up on a trip to Tennessee, recounting that the woman had a child and the man was not the father.

This was Lena and Byron, who were conducting a half-hearted search for Brown, and they are eventually dropped off in Tennessee.

Major characters[ edit ] Segregated movie theater in Leland, Mississippi ina result of de jure segregation of black and white people in the South; Joe Christmas lives between the two racially segregated societies.

Lena Grove — a young pregnant woman from Alabama who has traveled to Jefferson while looking for Lucas Burch, the father of her unborn child. Byron Bunch — a bachelor who works at the planing mill in Jefferson, who meets and falls in love with Lena when she arrives in town.

She has been told that a man named Bunch works at the mill and assumes it is Lucas, because the name sounds similar.

Light in august

Gail Hightower — the former minister of Jefferson, forced to retire after his wife was discovered to be having an affair in Memphis and committed suicide. He is a friend and mentor to Byron. He has been living in Jefferson with Joe Christmas in a cabin on Joanna Burden's property under the name Joe Brown and working with Christmas and Byron at the planing mill.

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Our love letter to you lower fares + better service on buses and light rail. Light in August, novel by William Faulkner, published in , the seventh in the series set in the fictional Yoknapatawpha county, Miss., U.S. The central figure of Light in August is the orphan Joe Christmas, whose mixed blood condemns him to life as an outsider, hated or pitied.

Joe is frequently whipped by Simon McEachern, the puritanical. Tonight’s moon is one we’ve all heard of — the Harvest Moon. It’s the full moon that occurs closest to the fall equinox, and since that was only two days ago, this Harvest Moon is a good fit. Talking about Light in August in your book club, on our message boards or with one of your friends?

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