How to live a greener lifestyle

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How to live a greener lifestyle

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With many areas experiencing the consequences of climate change, people are supporting companies with green initiatives. What can your business do to help the environment and your customer acquisition and retention?

Here are 10 innovations that will make your business greener overall. Transportation Encourage employees to walk or bike to work instead of using their cars.

Not only will the environment thank you, but your employees will become healthier as well due to the exercise. Public transportation is also an economical option to consider.

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Finding ways to incentivize alternative transport, such as subsidizing bus rides or offering prizes to employees who use greener transportation, is also a great motivational tool. Next time, instead of throwing unwanted computers and monitors in the trash, consider recycling them at your nearest computer manufacturer or electronic retail store.

Better yet, donate your functional older equipment to local schools or non-profits. Also think about purchasing used items like furniture instead of something brand new. Go Paperless Many companies are making the switch to paperless systems, and so should yours.

Top 16 Ways To Go Green (First and Most Impactful Steps) - Sustainable Baby Steps

Deforestation for paper materials is having an immense effect on the environment, and not in a good way. To reduce the need of cutting down even more trees, scan paper documents you currently have and transition to a digital system.

Cloud-based technologies make sharing files much easier while helping the environment at the same time. This technology eliminates the need of expensive and energy consuming servers as well as individual desktop computers. Also, due to its ease of access from anywhere, paper usage from printing files will be reduced dramatically.

PCW is one of the few products you can trust to be made completely out of recycled paper. That being said, the higher the level of PCW a brand has, the better. This includes products made from renewable resources and non-toxic materials. Ask how products will be delivered to you and where the goods originally come from.

How to live a greener lifestyle

Energy Savings Look for ways you can reduce the energy consumption of your business as a whole. They may cost more than what you usually get, but they last much longer and save you more money in the long run.

How to live a greener lifestyle

Another option to consider is powering your company with renewable energy such as solar or hydropower. Like the light bulbs, eco-friendly energy costs more than the standard. Conserve Water Water rationing and droughts are a real concern for many people worldwide. That means fixing any leaky plumbing and possibly switching the plants in your landscaping to more hardy breeds that require less watering.

Plus, it will save your company money on its next water bill. Green Web Hosting When looking for a web hosting service provider, consider choosing one that implements sustainable practices.

Web hosting companies take up quite a bit of energy, placing a heavy burden on the environment. To mitigate these effects, some companies participate in activities that reduce their carbon footprint.The advantages of downtown living vary as much as the eclectic assortment of residents.

Opportunities to participate in the magical bustle at the heart of Nashville’s community and commotion are everywhere! Easy Ways to Live Greener. An eco-friendly lifestyle doesn't need to be difficult or expensive.

Try these tips and tricks (plus over 65 more) from throughout Good Housekeeping's years to. mindbodygreen is a lifestyle media brand dedicated to inspiring you to live your best life - mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and environmentally. New research from first direct, which surveyed 4, people across the UK – renters and homeowners, reveals the views of Brits on their ‘forever home’.

Of those surveyed,. Sustainable living is fundamentally the application of sustainability to lifestyle choice and decisions. One conception of sustainable living expresses what it means in triple-bottom-line terms as meeting present ecological, societal, and economical needs without compromising these factors for .

We match our passion for innovation with our commitment to sustainability. From improving energy efficiency to reducing e-waste, the consumer technology industry has made remarkable strides in .

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