Essay topics for the crucible

She is a true villain and an antagonist of the play. She is not as complex as the other characters may seem; however, her manipulative nature and cruelty may send the chills down the reader's spine. She is a gifted liar whose actions are driven by a lust for revenge and power. At the end of the hysteria, ninetee Abigail Williams is one of the main characters in Arthur Miller's play "The Crucible".

Essay topics for the crucible

The play, which hitherto raises heated debates of people, who are trying to bring to light the subjects of much controversy, which are discussed in the play: This literary creation is loosely based on historical facts: Miller gives a wonderful opportunity to read between the lines, and to conjecture some ideas.

The characters in the play were based upon real people who judged or were judged in hysteria. All the below-listed topics are at your disposal. So choose one of The Crucible essay topics, which seem the most suitable for you, and develop it in the format of the essay. Discuss the role that grudges and personal rivalries play in the witch trial hysteria.

How do the witch trials empower individuals who were previously powerless? What role does sex, and sexual repression, play in The Crucible? Why are Danforth, Hathorne, and the other authorities so resistant to believing the claim that Abigail and the other girls are lying?

What kind of government does Salem have? What role does it play in the action? What are his motivations in supporting the witch trials? Discuss the changes that Reverend Hale undergoes in the course of the play.

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Examine the dynamics of Puritanism in Gather historical perspectives of American Colonial period. Do they really believe in witchcraft or are they fabricating the events?

Is John Proctor a tragic figure? In what ways does Miller employ these facts in the service of his drama? How do the two historical events compare to… What was witchcraft? Describe the social response to witchcraft in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries.

What social and religious factors are given to account for the harsh response to witchcraft? What can you find out about modern witchcraft or Wicca?

Essay topics for the crucible

Compare and contrast the characters of Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor. Explain why the play is a tragic comedy. Explain the symbolic characters and how they develop the themes.


Discuss how the themes of The Crucible make it both universal and enduring. What is the function of Reverend Hale in the play?The Crucible: Essay Topics to Cover in a Paper to Disclose the Main Issues 17 May, The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, is a play that has become famous and renowned as an American drama.

Essays and criticism on Arthur Miller's The Crucible - Suggested Essay Topics. Role of Abigail on Witch Trials in the Town of Salem.

Role of Abigail on Witch Trials in the Town of Salem Introduction In the novel “The crucible” representation of a disturbing and powerful play based on a true event has been shown clearly by the author Arthur Miller. Essay examples for college. Free sample essays. title page bibliography page proofreading revision.

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1. A crucible is defined as a severe test. Write an essay discussing the significance of the title. What is "the crucible" within the play and how does it bring about change or reveal an individual's true character?

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