Comparison of catholic and hindu religious

Muslims Widely Seen As Facing Discrimination Views of Religious Similarities and Differences When asked how much various religions resemble their own, the public cites Protestantism and Catholicism as the faiths most like theirs.

Comparison of catholic and hindu religious

Hire Writer The only break from the blank color scheme is taint glass windows filtering light down onto the rows of pews and the banners hanging from the walls, displaying religious or seasonal pictures.

Also, the largest difference you may find are the large amount of sculptures present In a Hindu Temple. This Is not so In a cathedral, or at least not to the same scale.

This is because the Hindu religion, though it recognizes a single powerful entity, what most Catholics might refer to God, they also recognize that there are many deities that represent the different parts the entity. They worship each of these deities equally. Catholics have sculptures of Saints; however they only truly worship the one god, only giving thanks and praying for strength from Saints.

This leads to there being fewer sculptures In a cathedral. However, you may see much art work of Saints if you travel extensively enough though a cathedral. Inside the worship service of a Cathedral, Men and women, dressed in mostly formal attire, suits and dresses, sit together in pews waiting for the Priest to begin the service.

However, in a Hindu temple, men and women are separated and are reseed in what most westerners might think were dresses.

Comparing Christianity and Hinduism

Men called Brahmins lead t service, though most of the worshipping is done entirely by the individual patron. Comparatively, in a Cathedral, the patrons follow the strict direction of the Priest. Each individual in a Hindu temple is responsible for reciting their own Mantras.

They may then give offerings. They then kneel or lay flat on their stomachs and pray. Then, they walk clockwise and stop at each side of the Sanctum and pray to each deity. In a Catholic Cathedral, Each patron listens to the Priest read scripture and then accepts communion.

They then kneel and give confession. The reason both of these religions, and most religions around the world, kneel is that it is a sign of submission; in this case submission to the will of God. The apostles Creed is read by the Priest and the patrons together.

There is a collection of offering, not unlike that of the Hindu offerings. Each Church only survives as long as it has patrons who will practice the faith and offer their money to the cause. One last prayer and the people exit the church until next Mass.

When we are on the outside, all we see is where and how these people practice their faiths.

How is Catholicism different from Hinduism? | Busted Halo

This is not to say that religion is only skin, or clothing deep. Thousands of years have sculpted each religion to have its own unique beliefs and practices.

However, when you compare them at first glance; when you see both groups worshipping what they believe in; it could appear that the only differences difference is the building and what the people are wearing when they kneel and pray.

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As the largest religion in the world, Christianity has adherents are all over the world.

Article Info Tweet Roman Catholicism has many traditions and beliefs that are rooted in paganism. Here are points of similarity between Catholicism and Hinduism:
The Big Religion Chart - ReligionFacts There are two basic kinds of religions in the world: The main differences between Hinduism and Christianity are typical of the differences between Eastern and Western religions in general.
References : There are two basic kinds of religions in the world: The main differences between Hinduism and Christianity are typical of the differences between Eastern and Western religions in general.
Compare Catholic and Protestant Christianity - ReligionFacts Sacred Time Buddhism Early Buddhists sought to escape from time. Their goal was nirvana, which is beyond experience and thus not a form of sacred time.
Side By Side Comparison Lens Mental resurrection of the righteous. Black people will be mentally resurrected first.

As a % of local population, Christians are in a majority in Europe, North and . Everyone has two innate senses: the religious sense to worship, and the moral sense of conscience; but only the Jewish God is the focus of both.

Only the God of the Bible is absolutely righteous. Eastern religions come from private mystical experiences; Western religions come from public revelations recorded in a book and summarized in a creed. What most distinctly separates two religious sectors as diverse as Catholic and Hindu are the architectures and religious practices that we see most often.

Inside a Catholic Cathedral of a decent size, you may first notice that it has many sows of forward facing pews with a central isle leading to the front of the church.

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Comparison of catholic and hindu religious

Because your computer is running an older version of internet browser, it no longer meets the features of modern websites. A comparative study of the 5 major world religions based on the Holy Bible and Living Religion () Mudge, Taylor, Morrissey et al, Longman, Melbourne.


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