Comparative study of indian usa

The course divides roughly into two segments. The course first covers theories of punishment and how those theories inform penal polices past and present. To do so, we will read texts penned by penal authorities and former prisoners.

Comparative study of indian usa

Criminal law has to be strong e The US Constitution was finalized in the convention held on the September 17 which required minim 9 States to ratify for the enforcement. By the end of July eleven States had ratified and Constitution was put into operation on 13th September American Constitution originally consisted only seven Articles and added 27 more Articles by way of amendments.

The Indian Constitution was actually put into enforcement on 26th November but officially adopted on 26th January Originally India Constitution consisted Articles in 22 parts with 8 schedules. Author of the article has tried to analyze the dissimilarity between the US and India Constitution.

America has adopted the doctrine of dual ship in respect of Constitution and citizenship. It has two Constitutions, one, for America as whole and second one for Comparative study of indian usa State. American people have two citizenship, one of USA and another of their respective State.

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India has one constitution and one citizenship for its entire people. Nature of the Constitution. American Constitution is described as truly federal Constitution because it was ratified by 50 Independent States.

Further, federal government and States have their own Constitution and does not interfere with function of each other.

Comparative study of indian usa

On the day India got its independence, most of the States in India were already under the rule of government of India and other few sovereign States were forced to join the Indian Constitution. We have one Constitution in which the federal government interferes with functions of State government in the form of appointment of governors, governor reserving the States bill for the consent of President and central government power to impose the president rule in the States which makes the State government subordinate to the central government.

Because of all these reasons the constitutional intellectual are not unanimous in holding the Indian Constitution is federal. America has adopted the Presidential form of democracy in which the executive President is directly elected by the people who is powerful and not accountable to House of Congress.

American President Term is 4 years, he can hold the office of the President for only two terms and only natural citizen of US can become the President, and not a person who has acquired the citizenship.

President can appoint his own staffs who are neither member of House of Representative or Senate in assisting the administration of government who are also not accountable to the House of Congress. It means that President is independent in the administration of government and directly responsible to the people of USA.

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India was under the rule of British at the time of independence and this influenced us to adopt the democracy of Parliamentary System of Common legal system. President of India is executive head of Indian government who is indirectly elected by the legislators of central and states and not accountable to the Parliament.

President shall run the government with aid and advice of the Prime Minster and Council of Ministers. Prime Minster and Council of Minsters is subordinate staff of the President being the members of the Parliament, therefore they are accountable to the Parliament.

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Unlike USA Indian President holds the office for five years, he should be citizen of India and citizenship might be natural or acquired.

The impeachment of the President by the legislator is only similarity of both Constitutions.Related Links: Islamic studies in M.A. Programs in Religious Studies Directory of Graduate and Undergraduate Programs in Middle East Studies, from the Middle East Studies Association Current Academic Job Openings in Islamic Studies, from the Carolina Center for the Study of the Middle East and Muslim Civilizations Guide to the Graduate Study of Religion and Theology, American Academy .

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Comparative study of indian usa

In countries beyond India, Ayurveda therapies and practices have been integrated in general wellness applications and in some cases in medical use.

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