Chapter 1 ip presentation calamansi

Secondly, thanks to group mates Armelle Catapang, Lorena Garcia and Albert Villongco for the hard work and enthusiasm to finish this Investigatory Project. Also, thanks to Mr.

Chapter 1 ip presentation calamansi

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They can use their higher-order process or thinking skills in conducting a research. Let us provide you a brief description of the parts of the Science Investigatory Project Report below. Title The Title should be clear and precise.

Chapter 1 ip presentation calamansi

It has an objective or purpose. It should not be written too long or too short. By just reading the title, you can determine what the investigative study is all about. Abstract The Abstract should be one or two paragraphs only.

It includes your research problems, the method or procedure that you used and the findings or conclusion of the study.

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Introduction and Its Background The Introduction is about one page only wherein it includes the background of the study and its rationale.

It usually leads into the research problem. Statement of the Problem The Statement of the Problem has two categories namely: Usually, one general problem and three specific problems which derived from the general problem.

The research problems should be specific, reliable,valid, measurable, objectively stated. It can be a question form or in a declarative statement.

Formulation of the Hypothesis The Formulation of the Hypothesis has two types namely: Hypotheses is a scientific guess which intends subject for thorough investigation. It is recommended to use null hypothesis in your research project. Significance of the Study The Significance of the Study indicates how important is your investigatory project for the people, environment and community as a whole.

Chapter 1 ip presentation calamansi

It is really relevant in the changing world or global impact into the field of technology. It includes the period of research, the materials and equipment to be used, the subject of the study or the sample of the study, the procedure and the statistical treatment to be used.


Definition of Terms The Definition of Terms has two types: Chapter II Review of Related Literature and Studies Related Literature The Related Literature are statements taken from science books, journals, magazines, newspapers and any documents from authorized scientists, Science experts or well-known Science agencies.

These statements can support your study through their concepts, theories, principles and laws. Footnoting is important on this part.

Related Studies The Related Studies are those researches which may be local and foreign studies who can attribute to your research or can support your investigation scientifically. Footnoting is also important on this part.

Chapter III Methodology has several parts namely: INVESTIGATORY PROJECT CHAPTER ONE CALAMANSI PULP FOR A STAIN REMOVER INTRODUCTION: The Calamansi is a fruit known for its usefulness, as well as its amazing use in the field of medicine; however .

Table of Contents Page Title Page 1 Approval Sheet 2 Acknowledgment 3 Table of Contents 4 List of Tables 5 Abstract 6 Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTINGS Introduction Statement of the Problem 9 Research Objectives 9 Statement of the Hypothesis 10 Significance of the Study 10 Scope and.

NATURAL STAIN REMOVER USING CALAMANSI (Citrusmicrocarpa), DA by Lans Limos on Prezi

Science Investigatory Project ^_^ Plagiarism, use or presentation of other researcher's work as one's own forgery of approval signature and fabrication or falsification of data will not be tolerated. (to be used in our IP) 8/19/ 27 CHAPTER II-Review of Related Literature -sufficient background information should be presented for.

Chapter 1 - cognition. STUDY. PLAY. when participants were asked to press a button upon presentation of a light, they were engaged in a a.

reaction time task. (IP) approach to the study of cognition? a. IP depicts the mind as processing information in a sequence of stages. b. IP supports the principle of behaviorism that behavior is a.

chapter 1 IP Presentation Calamansi as a stain remover Essay  INVESTIGATORY PROJECT CHAPTER ONE CALAMANSI PULP FOR A STAIN REMOVER INTRODUCTION: The Calamansi is a fruit known for its usefulness, as well as its amazing use in the field of medicine; however it’s proved to be more than just a food and medicine.

This link expires 10 minutes after you close the presentation; Chapter 2- Methodology Chapter 4 Recommendation Chapter 1- Introduction Background of the Study SAMPLE SURVEY Conclusion In order for us to earn a lot of profit when we sell our product, (Liquid Hand soap) we should have a colorful and appealing container and also we.

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