Celebrity endorser influence on attitude toward

Viral target marketing is based on three important principles: The Internet makes it possible for a campaign to go viral very fast; it can, so to speak, make a brand famous overnight.

Celebrity endorser influence on attitude toward

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Most of the online tools can be used for free and easy to be accessed by everyone around the globe. Social media has been widely used by all the generations especially celebrity who use it to communicate and interact with the brands that they endorse Jatto, In addition to that, celebrity endorser is part of the promotion tools for all type of products and services.

Most of the celebrity endorsers will fully utilize their social media applications such as Instagram to advertise and promote their products. Apart from that, this celebrity endorser which chose the platform of online on their social media can choose either to post it via photos or 60 s video.

Physical attractiveness is very important for social media celebrity endorser because this is one of the factors that really make the customers or potential customers to gain the interest about the product that this celebrity endorser advertises in their social media.

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Celebrity Endorsement; Instagram; Advertisement 1. Introduction In this era of globalization, most of the companies decided to use celebrities in advertisement to promote products and brands via online advertisement Said and Napi, Apparently, online advertisement can be accessed by everyone around the globe.

Celebrities are the personalities that are known by random public because of their attractiveness Zipporah, Categories of celebrities are actors, actress, socialite, sports athlete, and television personalities. In addition to that, the expose popularity of those selected celebrity endorsement can be attributed to the ability to grab attention from the customer Zipporah, Physical attractiveness for celebrity endorser can be categorized as the weight, height and the beauty of the face which is often judge by public that relates to physical attractiveness of the celebrity endorser Bardia, Although physical appearance is major important in both gender, beauty is generally defined as the most important contribution in feminine attribute and according to Ivy and Backlund which related with celebrity appearance is seen as part of the feminine personalities Rekha and Maran, In addition to that, they give emphasis to the physical attractiveness of woman Rekha and Maran, Good looking celebrity endorser apparently works on representing the products because attractive people sell more products Brumbaugh, Literature Review Physical attractiveness can be categorized as through the weight, height and facial beauty of a person is the first thing which judged first other people that relate to physical attractiveness of the endorser Bardia et al.

This impression of physical attractiveness creates the perception of credibility on the endorser and positive stereotype on such people Ohanian, Earlier studies have found that attractive people are more successful in changing beliefs compared to the unattractive people Ohanian, In addition to that, with a good physical attractiveness, it can arouse or persuade the potential customer to become the customer for the product.

Apparently, customer needs to see the existing sample so that this can be a sample goals in their mind whereby if they use this product they know that the outcome of using the product.

Therefore, having attractive physical appearances is the key sells of the product. There are one empirical studies related to this issue which show that physical attractiveness of a celebrity endorser shown in an advertisement and this increases advertiser believability willingness to purchase direct mail response rate attitude toward the product and actual purchase Rekha and Maran, It is very rare to see an unattractive celebrity featured on any advertisement Rekha and Maran, As a result, attractive physical really shows that in an online advertisement is shown to increase the effectiveness of the advertisement.

Therefore, it seems that for every significant result supporting physical attractiveness as affecting attitude toward a brand or product, another study fails to show the effect.

However, for each piece of evidence in support of the effect of physical attractiveness on attitude toward the ad or other measures of advertising effectiveness, there seem to exist several that fail to uphold the hypothesis Tantiseneepong, Eventually, the differential levels of physical attractiveness offered by celebrities Tom Selleck and Telly Savalas affect advertiser and spokesperson believability and spokesperson credibility, the difference in physical attractiveness does not affect arguably more important indicators of advertising effectiveness: Attitude toward the brand, credibility of the advertisement, and purchase intention.

While some studies fail to prove that main effects of physical attractiveness on advertising effectiveness measures which somehow the significant physical attractiveness is by gender of subject interaction effects Said and Napi, This study aims to analyze the celebrity endorser influence on attitude toward advertisements and brand.

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A celebrity is a person who enjoys public recognition and with his or her popularity influences the purchasing behavior of the consumers. Purpose- This study aims to analyze the celebrity endorser influence on attitude toward advertisements and brands.

Celebrity endorser influence on attitude toward

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Nike produces a [ ]. Advertisement using a celebrity with attractive physical which the correlation is 27 Australian Journal of Accounting, Economics and Finance (AJAEF) to endorse the product has higher influence toward the attitude toward advertisement (Said .

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