334 assignment

Bring hard copies of your pre-lab to the lab session. For each, select a notation e.

334 assignment

First, examine the assessments used to obtain the provided results for your client by addressing the following: What is the purpose of each of the assessments? What are the benefits of performing multiple assessments? Compare each of the assessments to one another.

Next, assess the muscular strength and endurance status of your client by addressing the following: Then, develop a resistance-training exercise plan by addressing the following: Illustrate the intensity and duration by indicating the numbers for the resistance, reps, and sets that will be required.

Designate a frequency by indicating the dates that each session should occur. Demonstrate your understanding of progression and overload by steadily increasing one of the variables of the exercise plan.

Lastly, explain the assessment results and exercise plan to your client from your selected case study. After explaining the results of the assessments, provide your rationale for each component of the plan: Be as specific as possible when addressing the above elements and remember to include an introduction and conclusion in your paper.

In addition to your course text, include two scholarly sources that are cited according to APA style. Your assignment must be at least five pages in length, excluding the title and reference pages.

RES , Entire Course Assignments, DQs and Final Exam Answers, Monday, December 15, The exam will cover the nine major novels studied in the course:
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334 assignment

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Assignments submitted in the subsequent 24 hours will carry a 10% deduction. An assignment may be made for a specified period not to exceed two years. The appointment may be extended for an additional period of two years when the head of the losing organization (or designee) determines the extension to be of mutual benefits to the agencies concerned.

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